I have purchased Arturo Chiang Emery Boots and I found them very comfortable and sturdy. I think the functionality of these boots are very superior to lessen the usual stress of wearing leather boots. I value these boots are real investment and among the best addition for my wardrobe.


Avant-Garde Features Of Arturo Chiang Emery Boots

The Emery boots belong to a collection of Arturo Chiang’s that features creative design and rich fashion statement. This is a striking pair of leather riding boots for women. It comes with vintage tie-dye leather upper with chic strap back. I think these features are not only stylish but also very functional. For instance, the strap back detail is not only an added accessory to the boots, but they can be used to adjust the size of the opening. Meanwhile, the exterior of these boots are well polished with waterproof coating to protect the genuine leather in the interior.


Affordability Without Compromising Quality

Some leather boots of superior quality comes with high price tag. Thus, I am very glad that this Arturo Chiang boots is very affordable without compromising quality and design. It was a great deal to purchase these boots for only $ 90 plus shipping, compared to other leather brands that could take hundreds to thousands of dollars. I got 1.5 inches heel height and 6.5 shoe size. I think these shoes are available in other sizes, but I’m not very sure about that.


Proper Care For Arturo Chiang Emery Boots

Like most fashion boots from Arturo Chiang, the Emery Boots are made of tie-dye polished leather. This special type of leather is very durable since it adds water resistance to the leather, reducing the damages brought by rain, moisture, and snow. For eliminating dust, I recommend a simple shoe brush. I also use saddle soap to eliminate hardened dirt or mud. You can also add waterproof coating to the polished leather to reinforce its resistance against water damages. I highly recommend natural air drying than direct sunlight since direct exposure to sunrays will crack the leather. Spray with shoe conditioner.


Fashion Trends With Leather Riding Boots

Arturo Chiang BootsI think this pair of leather riding boots from Arturo Chiang will look best if matched with denims and leather pants that complements the design and color. With this, you can be sure to get the same sophistication and fashion. For instance, you can match these boots with any stone washed denims and white top for that popular cowgirl appeal.

I also noticed that these boots are very attractive when they snuggle around my calves, because I think they emphasize my leg shape. If these boots look tall for you, I recommend wearing them with denims that can be easily tucked inside without making too much bulge. For that, skinny jeans are ideal. These boots are also ideal to complement the style of loose sweater for that simple yet stylish appeal. I have also tried wearing these Arturo Chiang Emery Boots with mini skirts, but I made sure that I covered the bare skin with the tights.[wp_ad_camp_2]

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